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Summer is back!

Get your BBQ ready and put a glass of Paul Gourmet Ketchup on the table! 

Here's an idea: Grilled vegetables with beef sirloin steak, beautifully paired with our Smoky Peach Ketchup - the king among all BBQ sauces which is a pure delight with anything and everything barbecued!

Serving suggestion for the Apple-Ginger Ketchup from South Africa!

Bobotie with saffron rice and spinach! With that, a glass (or rather a bottle?!) of Chardonnay Catena Alta "Historic Rows" (available at Moevenpick Wein). The slightly spicy and refreshing Apple-Ginger Ketchup harmonizes perfectly with this dish - pure summer pleasure!



Paul Gourmet Ketchup loves fish!

It goes without saying that our handcrafted Gourmet Apple-Ginger Ketchup also matches perfectly with fish! 

Today, we got a filet of monkfish, seared it briefly in olive oil and served it with candied lemon pieces, lemon ravioli and a lemon balm pesto fresh from our garden. 

A fresh white wine with flavors of citrus fruits and spices - we used a Vermentino from Tuscany - is the perfect companion for this wonderful dish!

Happy beginning of spring!

The sun is shining, the barbecue is heating up and a glass of Paul Gourmet Ketchup is at hand, ready to be enjoyed...

Here's an idea: Roasted Tomato Ketchup with grilled rib-eye, sweet potato fries and a Greek salad. Today, we enjoy this wonderful feast with a Campos de Solana red wine from Bolivia. The Paul Gourmet Ketchup team wishes you a great, sunny springtime!


Paul Gourmet Ketchup spices up your life!

How about some hand-cut Swiss Prime Beef tartar on toast, using a generous spoon full of Spicy Tomato Ketchup? Try it out for yourself!



Apple-Ginger Ketchup with rolled smoked ham

We celebrate the beginning of Christmas time with rolled smoked ham baked in a bread dough, salad and our fruity, fresh and slightly spicy Apple-Ginger Ketchup!

Do you still need a special Christmas gift that will certainly please? Check out our online store, we have a Paul Gourmet Ketchup for every taste!

Beer-Onion-Pear Ketchup in action!

Today we enjoy the tangyBeer-Onion-Pear Ketchup with Saucisson Vaudois and potato-leek fritters. A fruity and hearty autumn symphony on a plate!



Tonight's star: Paul Smoky Peach Ketchup

It's pretty simple: Our Smoky Peach Ketchup, the perfect sweet and smoky sauce for a rack of lamb, with potato chips and a ratatouille tower - basta! Copying, reproducing or imitating is strictly encouraged!

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