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How it's made

Using the best ingredients will result in the best Ketchup

Paul Gourmet Ketchups have been created to match with the best food and drinks in order to create a harmonious link between what's on your plate and what's in your glass. All our Ketchups offer a wide range of interesting and tasty flavors - but that's not the only point that distinguishes Paul Gourmet Ketchup from other ketchups:

Made with whole, ripe fruits

Guaranteed no shortcuts at Paul! All our Ketchups are 100% natural and are made without other fruits (as extenders) or concentrates. The fruit you see on the lid is the only staple - guaranteed!


Guaranteed no additives, gluten* or ascorbic acid

We produce a fully natural, exquisite table sauce. There is simply no place for fructose, flavor enhancers, acidifiers or preservatives, etc. in our Ketchups.

Our philosophy to strictly use natural ingredients together with our gentle production processes has pleasant side effects for allergy sufferers: People who are allergic to  gluten* can enjoy our Ketchups without any concerns

*Please note that due to the beer used, there is a very small amount of gluten in the Beer-Onion-Pear Ketchup.


Very little added sugar, simply healthy

Paul Gourmet Ketchups contain sugar. Besides the natural fruit sugar we add between 4-6% of brown cane sugar. The "normal" ketchups on the market contain about 20% of added, refined sugar.


Fruits and vegetables are locally sourced

This is really important to us - as far as possible, we buy locally and directly from farmers. Some seasonal produce like tomatoes we even harvest ourselves! Out of season and in the case of spices, this is however not always possible.


Conserved by pasteurization

We don't use any preservatives - nevertheless you can enjoy all our Ketchups without hesitation. The Ketchups are preserved by gentle pasteurization in a controlled environment.

Our Ketchups have been thoroughly analyzed by two independent laboratories in Zurich and Geneva in accordance with Swiss food safety regulations. The shelf life of each Ketchup is at least 6 months from the date of production.


Balanced and harmonious production

Many commercially available ketchups and barbecue sauces mask and destroy the taste of accompanying food and drink.

Often, as noticed during our blind tasting sessions, eaters are unable to tell whether they are having red or white wine to drink after they tasted some French fries together with industrial ketchup.

Not so with Paul Gourmet Ketchups - thanks to our low sugar and acidity content, our Ketchups are balanced and rich in flavor - we call them "wine-friendly". Each Ketchup is gently cooked with its own signature mix of spices, which we mix, roast and grind ourselves - slow cooking at its best!


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