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The Paul Gourmet Ketchup team

At Paul, we love to regularly cook tasty meals for family and friends and to sit down around the table share food & life! For that, we often want to serve yummy sauces for cold and warm dishes - however, we find the "normal", industrially manufactured sauces and "ketchups" way too sweet, sour and artificial, so that they ruin the taste of a great meal and pretty much anything you drink with it. Is anyone genuinely passionate about those products? 

This is why we have started the Ketchup Revolution: Back to handcrafted Ketchups in creative varieties exploding with authentic flavors, slow-cooked with only the best and ripest fruits we can find, perfectly complemented by our secret, hand-roasted spice mixes (unique for every Ketchup) and guaranteed 100% free of concentrates, ready-made products, flavor enhancers, E-number additives, preservatives, etc. 

The result of that? Ketchups that will blow you away... that invite you to experiment and find new ways to combine them with cold platters, tapas, steak tartar, barbeque, and many more. Ketchups that you can proudly serve to any and all guests along with the best wine or beer of your house! And give away with pleasure. If, of course, you have not caved in and eaten them yourself already... 

We invite you to join the Ketchup Revolution today. Try all our Ketchups - but beware: They are highly addictive!


Thomas Frischknecht


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